St Vincent de Paul Church

The Chapel of Saint Vincent de Paul is served from Our Lady and the English Martyrs, and is used for the celebration of Mass on Sundays at 10:15am. There is no Mass on Holydays of Obligation.

The chapel is a timber building clad with corrugated iron with wooden windows and shutters, and the heating is provided by wall mounted electric fires. The interior had been modernised and has a lovely comfortable, happy family atmosphere.

We have a regular attendance of approximately 80 people. There is a good mix of ages ranging from the very young to the more senior members of the community. Young mothers and fathers who bring their children on a regular basis love to help and they run their own children’s liturgy group. At the beginning of Sunday Mass the children retire to the sacristy where they are taught by willing and loving parents and teachers.

The Roman Catholic Community of Ditton has very good relationships with all the other Christian denominations in the area, and both participates in- and hosts- meetings between the Anglican, Methodist, and Baptist churches. We seek to grow in a Christian love that is genuine and active.

The chapel is approximately two and a half miles from the centre of Cambridge and very close to the main city cemetery. There is a large car park and some spare ground where a building of a more permanent nature may be one day erected.