You will need to be assured that the date and time you have requested are free BEFORE you book the place for the Reception. If you wish to arrange your wedding ceremony at Our Lady and the English Martyrs please contact the Rectory Office at least six months before you want to be married.

Once you have booked the Church through the Parish Office and have received confirmation that it is booked, you will need to contact the Registry Office to give 3 weeks notice of your intention to marry. You will need to book an appointment with the Registrar for this and you will be informed as to what documentation is required to support your identity and right to marry.

Once you are in possession of the Licence(s) to marry you should arrange to bring them to the Parish Office where they will be placed in the safe for secure safe-keeping.

During the Marriage Ceremony there will be an Authorised Person present who will act on behalf of the Registrar. We have one in our parish and we will notify them of your forthcoming marriage to ensure that the legal side is covered.

There is a fee for the Authorised Person’s attendance which is currently £86 (eighty-six pounds sterling) and an additional £4 (four pounds sterling) for the Marriage Certificate, making a total of £90 (ninety-pounds sterling) payable prior to the wedding.

Choosing is music for the wedding needs to be done with Mr Nigel Kerry, the organist  There are guidelines that need to be followed regarding music so please remember that this is a celebration of a Sacrament, not something mundane.

Prior to making an appointment to see one of the priests you should have:

(1) completed the Pre-Marriage Course and received a certificate from the Diocese of East Anglia;

(2) completed the Pre-Nuptial Information Form (click below to download)

Pre-Nuptial-Information-Form-(updated 2017)

(3) completed the Statutory Declaration of Freedom to Marry (click below to download)

Statutory Declaration of Freedom to Marry (2017)


Please click on the SGM Registration Form below first regarding:




SGM registration form

Marriage Course for 2019

Course 1: 27 January, 10 February, 24 February and 3rd March

Course 2: 14 April, 28 April, 12 May and 26 May

Course 3: 29 September, 13 October, 27 October and 10 November

For the Sacrament of Marriage, your donation to the Church is most appreciated. If you wish to donate by cheque, please make it payable to Our Lady and the English Martyrs.

Here are two things you should read before you plan your wedding with us:

Frequently asked questions about the Sacrament of Marriage

Parish policy for the celebration of Holy Matrimony (1 May 2016)

If you need to know anything about the course itself, please contact:

Antonia Braithwaite

Please contact to check on the availability of the Church for your desired date.