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In response to pope Francis’ request there has been a Rosary Mission co-hosted by the London Rosary Shrine, Walsingham Basilica, Carfin Grotto and Rosary on the Coast.

We would like to invite you and to take part in the culmination of this initiative – a Rosary Relay – on May 31st Each Diocese has been asked to encourage everyone to pray the Rosary at a designated hour.

The Diocese of East Anglia has been asked to pray the Rosary between 2.00pm and 3.00pm on Sunday May 31st, Pentecost Sunday.  We shall lead the Rosary at 2.00pm which will be live streamed from our YouTube Channel.

The focus for our prayer intentions is :

  • For faith, the sanctity of life and peace in the world;
  • For an end to the Covid 19 virus, for the sick and dying, for the dead and the grieving, for all health workers and carers, for those researching for an anti-virus;
  • For the protection of the common good and people’s economic livelihoods;
  • For the poor, homeless and destitute;
  • That the Holy Spirit will preserve us from disaster and war.


Mass times (live streaming)

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Newsletter for 24 May (EH1)


In collaboration with the Bishop’s Council and with Matthew, our Director of Finance, it has been agreed that the Easter Offering should be taken up on a Sunday designated for this purpose by the Diocese once the present pandemic crisis is over. Any donations made online over this coming weekend will also count towards the Easter Offering.


We have taken a massive dip in contributions to our parish funds which help us to maintain our buildings and activities. As a result, we have had to find ways of bringing this to your attention and to ask for your generosity and cooperation.

We are adopting the technology already in place in many Catholic parishes around the country. We now have the facility for you to make contributions to the Parish directly from here as well as from our YouTube Channel. 

For those who would like to use the more conventional way of giving there is the Standing Order Form. You have complete control over how much you pay and at what intervals. The advantage to the parish is two-fold: (1) even if you forget to make a donation to the parish at Mass (when these are restored) or when you go on holiday (when that may be possible) the parish will receive your kind offering; and (2) we are able to calculate roughly what our income will be and to set a budget that reflects that. Every good householder knows the need for such prudence and so do we!

So, please consider completing the form below which you can download by clicking on it and fulfill the precept of the Church to support your parish. Thank you!!

Standing Order Form

Gift Aid Declaration Form