Bell Ringers

Our bells are renowned as one of the most celebrated rings of bells within the ringing fraternity. They are rung by local ringers from around the Cambridge area for mid-week services, weddings and special occasions.

If you would like any further information please contact Paul Seaman tel. 01223 351659 or mobile 07802 739105 or email

Flower Arrangers

From time immemorial flowers have been placed on altars in temples and churches to express thankfulness and joy in worship. Our church, too, follows this tradition, and we are fortunate in having an enthusiastic team of ladies who enhance the beauty of our church in this way.

Should you be interested in this very pleasant parish activity, please contact Sheila Scott via the Rectory Office who will be pleased to give you further information.

Aspects of our community life

The community consultation before the summer and Community Meeting held on 22 May 2014 supported the organisation of our activities around six clusters, or ‘petals’ as they were described. These are the areas for which the Community Council will have a special concern, intending to support those involved in these activities and help them flourish.