First Holy Communion

We are delighted to be continuing our preparations for First Holy Communion using Zoom video conferencing.

If members of our current groups are struggling to access the classes, please email us at the usual address:

Thank you to parents for your active participation with your children in these classes – it really does make all the difference if we can make the classes as interactive as possible. Hopefully you are finding that our input in the classes complements your role in your family as your child’s first teachers in the faith. Please let us know if we can support you in any other way.

Our First Holy Communion Masses are postponed, but we will be in touch with our families as soon as we are able to make plans for this. The clergy, catechists, families and especially the children are very keen for this to take place as soon as possible! We are thankful that all of our children were able to make their First Confession before lockdown began.

We will complete all of our planned sessions on the dates originally scheduled, and parents will receive an email about the extra sessions we are scheduling. In these extra classes we will take the opportunity to deepen the children’s understanding of the Mass and Holy Communion, and to pray together to Our Lord.

We ask the Lord’s blessing on our efforts as parents, catechists and clergy, and especially for our children as they prepare to meet Our Lord in the Eucharist. Please pray for us as we continue our work.