English Martyrs Church

The church of Our Lady & the English Martyrs* is renowned as one of the most beautiful Roman Catholic churches in England. Consecrated on 8th October 1890, it continues to offer a place of rest, beauty and grandeur to all who pass through its doors.

It forms the heart of a busy, diverse parish set in the midst of a city known throughout the world as a centre of historic learning, contemporary research and rich artistic creativity. Its liturgical life is a treasure that attracts young and old, and the building is a worthy setting for its purpose as a house of faith, prayer and charity with the celebration of the Mass at its centre.

We welcome all to this sacred sanctuary and give thanks for all the blessings that have flowed from it in the past 125 years.

Years ago our parish and its church were called ‘English Martyrs’, The Catholic’ or ‘The Big Church’, but of late ‘Our Lady and the English Martyrs’ has become quite simply OLEM. While the parish has taken this as its title, the community worshiping in the church in the city centre, on the junction between Hills Road and Lensfield Road, has become known as the English Martyrs.



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*To distinguish between the parish of Our Lady and the English Martyrs, and the community and church in the city centre, situated on the corner of Hills Road and Lensfield Road, we tend to refer to the community and church as ‘English Martyrs’.