OLEM Community Council Elections for Autumn 2017

Each year we have the opportunity to elect four people to our community council. We would like to thank those who have served their terms on the council and are now standing down. Please consider if you are able to serve the church in this way.

Nomination forms with instructions can be found at the back of the church.

Nominations will close at noon on 20 November at the Parish Office. If there are sufficient nominations for an election, then voting forms and ballot boxes should be available at Masses on 25/26th November 2017.

Elections to the community council in 2014

This year we are electing 12 members to form our first Community Council.

For this first election, not all members will sit on the council for the full three-year term of office. On the first council meeting they will draw lots to decide the four people who will sit for one year and the four people who will sit for two years and the four remaining members will sit for three years.

All members may seek re-election for a second term of three years.


Download a copy of the Nomination Form and submit it to the Parish Office in the Rectory before 3:00pm on Friday 31 October 2014.

First Community Council Working Party

The first working party consulted with parishioners and produced this report.

The report contains appendices that reflect the results of the consultation, and recommendations from the members of that first working party.

Full report: English Martyrs Community Council Working Party Report

Summary report: Community Council – Two page Summary

The consultation included a Community Meeting which endorsed the six aspects of community life:

Community Council Formation Working Party

The Community Council Formation Working Party – for the English Martyrs – met four times during the summer to create a community council.

Stephen Matthews convened the group, and was joined by Kay Dodsworth, Father Peter Leeming, Osyth Hawke, Antoinette Askin, Joel Fernandez, Di Redmond and Bernard Townshend.

Here you can read the minutes of the meetings of our meetings: