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Serving Cambourne’s Catholic community, from humble beginnings the worshipping community of Catholics in Cambourne has grown to over a hundred and fifty people. We meet for worship each week on Saturday evenings, at 5:00pm, celebrating Mass together at the shared church building in Cambourne. Canon John Minh has special responsibility for the Catholic community in Cambourne.

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Cambourne is a new settlement which began life on farmland in 2008. Nine miles eastward, it lies between Cambridge and St Neots. Together the three villages of Great Cambourne, Lower Cambourne and Upper Cambourne house 12,000 people and Cambourne’s population continues to grow each year, due to continued house-building and a very high birthrate.

We have a large number of Catholics in our community, many of whom originate from Kerala and contries of Eastern Europe. Masses in Cambourne are usually attended by over 200 people, most of whom come from Cambourne but about 50 people travel in from the surrounding villages.

We have come a long way from the car boot Masses held when we were locked out of premises and had the loo flushing ‘behind’ the altar in the Ark.

We have devoted sacristans, a very committed and prayerful music group, and numerous altar servers. We ensure that people have regular opportunity to learn and engage in justice initiatives and campaigns, supporting the excellent work of CAFOD, Missio and our local Foodbank. We try and support those who are housebound and those who have drifted away from the Church. We hope to also create a support group for those who have are recently bereaved.

We are a very family-oriented community and we organise regular family activities and have our own Youth Group, Seconds Up. We have an annual youth group BBQ that we share with the OLEM 7Up group, who come out to join us in one of our family’s gardens. We have also organised trips to Thorpe Park and participate in a live music competition arranged with West Cambridge Churches. We also have a thriving and nurturing First Holy Communion Preparation with 30 children and their families preparing with us this year.

These activities are supported by an enthusiastic Steering Group. You can find out more about what we are doing on our website and Facebook page.

“We are deeply grateful for all that the clergy at OLEM do for us despite having their resources stretched extremely widely. We invite everyone to join us for Mass and to get to know us afterwards, over a cup of coffee and in the community.”