Our Lady and the English Martyrs

Welcome to the parish of Our Lady and the English Martyrs. This is the largest parish in the diocese of East Anglia. Over 2,500 people worship with us, including the communities in Cambridge, Sawston, Ditton, Cambourne and Bar Hill, and many visitors from across the world.

English Martyrs

Church of Our Lady & the English Martyrs
  in Cambridge city centre

Our Lady of Lourdes

Church of Our Lady of Lourdes
  in Sawston

St Vincent de Paul

Chapel of St Vincent de Paul
  in Ditton

Cambourne Church

Cambourne Church
  in Cambourne

Bar Hill A4_1

Bar Hill Church
  in Bar Hill

The diocese has asked us to complete a census of all parishioners. It will only take a couple of minutes:

We celebrate the feast of our patron, Our Lady of the Assumption, on August 15.

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